Hindenburg Systems will be at CSUN 2013

Please feel free to request a private demonstration of Hindenburg Audio Book Creator (HABC) or our other audio production tools.


We have set up a demo room at the Manchester Grand Hyatt Hotel where CSUN is being held, so you don’t even have to leave show venue.


HABC is an audio and e-book book creator developed by Hindenburg Systems in conjunction with the Danish and Norwegian libraries for the blind: NOTA and NLB, both members of DAISY. Many other DAISY organisations around the world have given us helpful input.

HABC offers an end-to-end production tool for audio books and e-books for visually impaired. HABC initially supports production of Daisy 2.02 and EPUB 3 formats, over and above the formats already supported in Hindenburg Journalist PRO, and will add other DAISY formats as they are developed.

HABC supports several common Use Cases for audio book production:

Use Case 1 – Session starting with a digital text: Import all common ebook formats and add audio to the existing structure

Use Case 2 – Session without text, with audio book structure: Start from a template structure for recurring projects like newspapers, magazines, etc.

Use Case 3 – Session without text: Create a navigation structure on the fly as you record

Use Case 4 – Raw text without structure: Starts with an imported digital text without structure and create and synch on the fly.

Case 5 – Synchronising: Synch existing audio and text.

HABC allows Punch-in recording and provides a separate interface for a narrator to read and navigate in digital text, and add navigation markers for the final product. Interface navigation through a secondary touch screen and other soundless interfaces is supported. We recently held a webinar presenting a pre-alpha version, that you can see here on YouTube.


Please pick a couple of free spots in our Calendar below and email a meeting request to us chris.mottes@hindenburgsystems.com, and we’ll get back to confirm asap. Please mention how many will be in your party.

Alternatively you can request a meeting directly in the calender through Doodle MeetMe interface.

We look forward to meeting you.